I created SOIE out of a need for quality natural body care products to help relieve my own skin concerns. Frustrated with products that only irritated my skin even more and that weren’t proving to help nourish or soothe, I began developing products to fill a void.

 After being diagnosed with cancer in 2007, I was left with very sensitive, hyper-pigmented skin. The traditional creams and lotions were just not enough to help reduce my scarring or help with my damaged, dry skin.

My skin appeared unhealthy and no matter how I tried, it did not feel or appear smooth. As necessity is the mother of all invention, after months of making my own blends and concoctions, I eventually found a recipe that worked for me. It was simple, all natural and didn’t have any ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. This simple blend has been my go-to since.

It’s more than just products for me; this was an overall lifestyle shift that forced me to educated myself on what was going into my body as well as the importance of the products I was using on my body. I am now ready to share these products with you and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Made in small batches in Toronto, Canada.
By Me, for You
Heb. 11:1